kiln fired glass - design gallery  

There are many different styles and designs to choose from, and new designs are always being created.

Some examples are shown below, with more details on the following pages.
Just click on the underlined heading.

garden blooms

Irises, lilies, roses - spectacular floral designs inspired by the artist's garden.          

 roses squ 28cm          lily ob 28x14          iris ob 28x14

more flowers

These designs use the flower as a motif - from bright and bold, to the delicate white daisy.

 florescence ob 15x11cm     colour daisy squ 9cm -gold    colour daisy squ 9cm -blue    colour daisy squ 9cm -lt green     sqaure 20cm


Multi-coloured spots - every item has its own unique colour combination.

 spots squ 20cm     spots round 28cm     spots ob 20x14cm

jungle prints

Patterns inspired by wild animals, such as the leopard and zebra.

 zebra triangle 14cm       leopard ob 20x12cm        zebra squ 9cm -pink

fruits and veges

Designs of fresh fruit and arty vegetables, almost good enough to eat.

 round orange 14cm diam   strawberry squ 9cm    oblong 15x11cm  round lime 14cm diam  olives of 15x11cm   

fun and love

Cute designs including love hearts, all kinds of bugs and even pigs (flying of course).

 flying pig ob 15x11cm    ladybug squ 9cm    fish squ 9cm    snail squ 9cm    heart-multi squ 10cm -ice    heart-multi squ 10cm -plum



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and cannot be copied or reproduced for any purpose without the express permission of the artist.

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